5 playlists for knitting


It happens to all of us who knit, little by little we create our own little rituals, and which means preparing ourselves for hours and hours of knitting 🙂

One of the things that bother us most when we’re knitting is being interrupted. A phone call, or an unexpected visit can be a knitter’s worst enemy when finally sitting down to knit.

That’s why it’s important to find your space and time to knit. Like we said, it unconsciously becomes a ritual;


Adjust the light, silence your cell phone, and prepare your favorite beverage: fix your special cushion and get comfy in your favorite chair with your favorite movie, series, or soundtrack in the background.

This moment is magical, it becomes your own routine, a ritual, that allows you to connect with yourself, hear yourself, and it feels good. It’s your moment 🙂

And today we want to help you make it even more special, so we’ve created 5 playlists for knitting; you can enjoy them for free via our Spotify account.

User: MusicWak


Each of these playlists was created for a special moment in every knitter’s life, from the first stitch to the most difficult patterns.

Because; is there anything better than accompanying your favorite time of day with good music?

Knit to the Beat                                        

This playlist is perfect for beginners. If you’re going to try your first beginner’s kit, we recommend listening to the playlist Knit to the Beat.

A fresh and lively playlist; let the rhythm take you away, stitch after stitch, while knitting your Downtown Snood, or your first scarf Cucho Scarf.

Don’t miss a Stitch

The playlist don’t miss a stitch will help you concentrate.

This mix includes a selection of calm and relaxing music to accompany you while working on more complicated projects, or ones that need your undivided attention.

Like the advanced level Ocular Sweater, or the color work needed for the Solfa Scarf kit.

With this playlist you’ll be able to concentrate and won’t miss a stitch.

A Stitch in Time

If you’re already an expert and looking for a faster rhythm, A Stitch in Time is for you.

With nearly four hours of music, you’re in for a fabulous selection to whiz through your project at lightning speed.

Knitting Party

One of our favorite playlists is the Knitting Party.

Because there’s nothing we like better than meeting up with friends to knit together, share opinions and new tricks you’ve learned, and above all have a good time.

Do you want to organize a Knitting Party at your house for your friends? We tell you how to do it here.

Turn on your computer, choose the playlist Knitting Party and have a good time knitting, chatting, and laughing!

Wool and the Night

And finally, every knitter’s favorite playlist, the playlist we dream of and wait for, the playlist that makes us very happy, the playlist: “I finally finished my project and I want to dance and shout it to the world”!

This is the playlist to let it all loose when you put down your needles and finally put on your new garment, your new “proudly knitted by myself” garment.

Hit play on Wool and the Night and start dancing!


If you’re ready to create your own playlists for each of your knitting moments, these are just some suggestions to initiate and inspire you.

What songs do you knit to? Do you have a favorite playlist? A special song that helps you to relax or concentrate?

Share your taste in music and experiences with the WAK Community and enjoy your favorite songs while knitting your favorite project!

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