Knitters Series: Susi Strickliesel


Susi Strickliesel has figured out how to convert her hobby into a second job. Under her own brand, she knits handmade hats for her clients, some of them famous. On her Facebook page, with more than 14,000 fans, she shares funny photos of the world of a knitter, as well as photos of some of the famous people she has knit for.

Knitter-Susi Strickliesel

Name: Susi Strickliesel

Age: 36

Profession: Casting and Production Associate

At what age did you learn to knit and who taught you?

I began very late. When I learned to knit I was 31 years old. My friend Leoni taught me to knit and we still today like to make your WAK models together. I would love to learn more but unfortunately since I have so many hat orders, I don’t have time. But for the months of June and July, I am going to leave the hats to the side for a bit and work more on improving my knitting capabilities.

Which stitches and techniques do you prefer?

I love the moss stitch. It is simply beautiful for any garment.

How did the idea come to you to make your own website?

I began to knit for my friends and co-workers. But little by little I also began to receive orders from people I did not know. And this is how Susi Strickliesel was born. And now there are hundreds of people that want my little hats!

Knitter - Susi Strickliesel

Which are your favorite garments from WAK?

Without a doubt the Vertigo Sweater, it’s super trendy!

What ¨knitting¨creation are you most proud of?

All of my hats are made with so much love, no matter if they are for someone famous or someone anonymous. I am happy with anyone that wears my hats!

Do you have a challenge that you have not dared to knit?

I have never made a sweater! This is why I would love to make the Vito Sweater from WAK. It is super cool and casual, but unfortunately up until now I have not had the time to make it.

How did you have the idea to knit for famous people? Who was the first famous person to wear one of your creations?

My first hat that I knit for someone famous was for the German actor and singer Tom Beck (the protagonist of the series Alarm for Cobra 11 – The Highway Police). I know him because my boyfriend plays in his group. After, I began to knit for famous people that I knew through my work. Among them, there are many actors and television presenters, like Uwe Ochsenknecht, Dominik Boer and Verena Kerth. I am sure that this year I will add more to the list.

In your opinion, why has knitting come back into style?

As I try to demonstrate on my Facebook page, knitting can be cool! This image of the old lady knitting is completely outdated. Knitting is my meditation and now I can’t live without it. If Hollywood stars like Ryan Gosling knit, how can it not be cool?

The best music for knitting is…

I love Reggae but I usually watch television series while I knit. Right now I am really hooked on Homeland with Claire Danes.

What is the strangest place you have knit?

The strangest place was in a rehearsal for the Queen Musical ¨We Will Rock You.¨ The group was playing, the actors singing, and I was calmly knitting sitting next to my boyfriend who was playing. In the end you have to take advantage of every peaceful moment to knit. I am always doing silly things with my needles like playing the drums with my WAK needles.






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