The most trendy ‘It girl’ chooses our Soho’s Snood


Some days ago, our kits appeared on famous journalist and It Girl Sara Carbonero. This is a big honour for us! Sara has learned to knit when she was pregnant, and we already know the benefits of knitting. It’s the best way of getting in shape and having a good health!!

Sara Carbonero knitting

Knitwear by WAK

Sara has a good taste and an aesthetic sense, and she has demonstrated it with the chosen knitting kits. During pregnancy, she knitted a Sienna Beanie and a Cucho Scarf. You know: so warm and chic!

Sienna Beanie

Cucho Scarf

As you can see, her latest knitting creation is a WAK wool snood. We talk about Soho’s Snood, one of our best-selled kits. A great election. Because you look trendy…and it’s amazing to tell everybody you have created this creation!

Soho's Snood

Soho's Snood

Sara Carbonero is already a knitter, what about you? Dare to knit, and share your creations on our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest profiles. What you’re waiting for? Join the ‘knitting revolution’!

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