What to do with leftover cotton yarn: hangers


Don’t know what to do with leftover cotton yarn from your WAK kits? Well here’s an original solution: cover wooden hangers with different colors. This project is really easy and you can use up all those odds and ends of cotton yarn.

You only need three things: wooden hangers, glue or a glue gun (we used white glue that dries transparent), and of course, the most important, leftover WAK pima cotton in different colors. They come out best if you mix and match different colors! Let’s get started 🙂


This DIY project is really very easy, it’s just a matter of patience and taking your time, to get good results. We are just going to wrap the yarn around the whole hanger; you can start at one end or in the middle, which is the hardest part, and work out to the ends.

Cut stands of yarn in different lengths and colors, by try not to make them too long. About 12- 15 inches is good. Combine different lengths in different colors for a playful look.


Once you have your yarn ready the first step is to apply glue to the hanger. Apply a little bit at a time. You don’t have to use much glue; the cotton will stay put where there is no glue. If you can, just put glue on one side of the hanger.


Now the fun starts! Start wrapping the yarn around the hanger, pulling the yarn taut as you go. Wrap the yarn close together so that no wood is showing between each strand.

To secure the tail end of the yarn hold it with your hand and cover it by wrapping it with an inch or two of yarn.

Keep wrapping with the same color until you only have enough yarn to make 5 or 6 more wraps.


To change colors hold the new color right next to the one you are working with  and cover the tail end of the new color with a few wraps of the old color. The yarn will be secured under the old color.

When you start wrapping with the new color do the same for the tail end of the old color, wrap the tail end of the old color with the new color, this way the end is hidden and adhered to the hanger.


Repeat the above steps with different colors, making sure to add a bit of glue every so often, until you reach the end and have completely covered the top of the wooden hanger. When you reach this point you have two options: hide the end of the yarn in the corner between the top of the hanger and the horizontal part (as in the photo), or use a tapestry needle to slip the end of the yarn under the wrapped yarn.



If you’re redoing your closet, this is a great project to give your closet a new look, it also keeps your shirts and clothes from sliding off the hangers. Use different colors to coordinate with your wardrobe or your room, the sky’s the limit.

  1. Love this idea. I like this style of hanger for my clothes. And wood is so much nicer than plastic.
    These hand decorated hangers would make lovely Christmas and birthday gifts or perhaps a thank you gift.
    I am tossing up as to whether I leave the natural look of the metal hanger hook or whether I cover them with narrow plastic tubing that many craft stores sell. Not sure yet. Depends on the “look” one is after I suppose. I might add a bow of multi strand at the bottom of the hook. You do say the sky is the limit.
    That said I also love the simplicity of what you have done.

    1. Thanks!!! We’re glad you think so, and we’re sure however you decide to use your cotton, it will come out beautifully 🙂

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