How to wear your WE ARE KNITTERS scarf with style


Hi knitters! There’s nothing better for this cold winter than a good scarf, don’t you think? And if it’s knitted with our WE ARE KNITTERS Chunky wool, even better! So, today we show you some different ways of wearing your favorite garment. It will looks like a different one every day!

Frontal knot

This is the best option for extreme temperatures. Your neck will be protected against horrible colds. And our warm Chunky wool is perfect! 😉

Snood style

Wool snoods are the latest trend for this winter. If you never have enough of them, you can choose this alternative. And if you get tired, you always can use it as a scarf again. So useful!

Shawl style

Everybody knows a good shawl can give you that special touch. In WE ARE KNITTERS we think the same, and we love this fabulous way of wearing your Chunky wool scarf


You can wear this for working, having a coffee with your friends, going for a walk… This is a good option for a casual look, when you just want to feel comfy

Nudo al lado

For original people. You will focus everybody’s attention with this original way

Hooded snood

Hipsters and fashion victims, this is the last trend in USA! We love ‘hooded snoods’, and we’re sure this must be the ‘must-have’ for next season. You’re advised!

In WE ARE KNITTERS we have some cool kits for knitting your own scarf. For example, you can knit Strelitzia Scarf, Cucho Scarf, Bryant Scarf or Spinning Jenny Scarf.

How do you like to wear your scarf! Share your look with your WE ARE KNITTERS scarf in our social media profiles! 😉


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