Hook Nook: The inspiration.

Who are you, Jessica aka Hook Nook? Goodness. Now THAT is an open-ended question! Let’s see, I am a mother to two kiddos, and a wife to an absolutely incredible tattoo artist. I love coffee, red wine, cupcakes, staying home all day in my pajamas, playing with ALL the yarn, and shopping. I really, really, […]

Knitting Party: Le Perchoir, Paris

Spring is here, and what better way to celebrate than by organizing a knitting party in your city with our knitters?   Le Perchoir is the perfect place to knit in Paris in the springtime, because it is located on a roof top terrace with views of Paris, and decorated in as many colors as our […]

Things that all knitters hate

  Today in WAK we want to take out our most patient (and naughty 😉) side making a compilation of the situations we go through when your big hobby is knitting or crocheting. And how many of us have had to listen, answer, even said, and put up with that cascade of questions that repeat again […]

How to knit a line of flowers

  Learn to knit this unique stitch and add it to your projects. With a couple of rows, you’ll create a line of flowers that you can do in a contrast color so that it’s more visible. Think it’ll be too difficult? We say no! Grab your needles and check out our video to easily […]

How to knit wave stitch

      If the borders of your projects and garments need more life, try adding a border with a different texture that really draws attention. It’s a quick and easy solution that will give a new look to your pieces.   This stitch is a multiple of 33 stitches + 2 extra to create […]

How to Keep Balls of Yarn from Unraveling

  Surely, like me, you have a ton of yarn in a thousand colors and in a thousand boxes, waiting for a project that you still haven’t found. Then when you finish a project, you have a bit of yarn left over, and what do you do with it? The yarn becomes a tangled mess. […]

How to crochet 2 color wave stitch

  Surely you’ve see a ton of blankets with these waves! We suggest that when you have a long weekend you venure into making a blanket with this stitch. It’s called wave stitch, and here we’ve  made it with 2 colors, but if you want you can make it with as many colors as you […]

Mega Knitting Party Madrid

In the past few weeks many of our followers must have heard about the Mega Knitting Party, an event that marked a milestone in the history of the brand.   Thanks to this grand event, we were able to experience first hand the enthusiasm for the brand, you could feel the incredible atmosphere that day, […]

Add a faux fur pompom to your wool beanies!

        New! At We are knitters we love surprising you with new products. This time I recommend adding a faux fur pompom to all of your beanies, you can add one to all of the We Are Knitters beanies, just add them to your shopping cart.   I am going to show […]

How to make crochet slippers

  You have no excuse not to make this pattern. Do you know how to single crochet? Do you know how to make the magic ring? You don’t! Here’s the link with the We are knitters youtube tutorials. Now you can dare with any pattern! Today I bring to you an easy, easy one! A […]

How to knit even warmer garments with Thrums

Have you ever bought or seen socks or mittens that are lined with wool? It’s a technique that uses the scraps of wool left over from looms. The mittens or caps or socks were knitted then pieces of wool were interspersed to add more warmth inside.   Wouldn’t you like to have some mittens or […]

How to weave ends as you knit

  In this tutorial we will show you how to finish off a tail while knitting. In some tutorials is suggested to work both tails together for two or three stitches, however this makes the project ugly since it makes the fabric bulkier, and if you are introducing a new color, that color change will […]

How to undo stitches

  How can you undo stitches without frogging your work? No worries! There are ways to undo your work without having to do anything dangerous and run the risk of dropping stitches and having to start over. In this post, you’ll learn how to unknit stitches. Perhaps it’s a little more work, but it is […]

The Wave

At We Are Knitters we don’t stop for a second. So much so that we’re already thinking about how to surprise you and give you what you want. We all know that 2017 was a great year for everyone, but 2018 has arrived, and we bet it will not leave anyone unimpressed.   We’re kicking […]

How to knit Chevron Seed stitch

      In this post we are going to learn how to knit the Chevron Seed stitch, it forms a textured zigzag pattern, and in this case we used a combination of alternating knit and purl stitches the same as for seed stitch. We will cast on a multiple of 8 stitches. For our […]

Purl 2 stitches together through the back loop

Knowledge takes no space and with knitting, knowledge is infinite. Each stitch, each technique, each pattern is a chance to learn something new. Luckily, in the We are knitters blog (https://blog.weareknitters.com) you can find a bunch of tricks and new stitches to learn to knit, or rather to perfect your technique. In this post we […]

Thank you 2017    

  There are only a few days left until the end of the year, and if we look back at the road we have travelled these past few months we can’t help but smile. It has been a magical year full of surprises, enthusiasm and challenges, lots of challenges! …but none of this would have […]

Weekend projects: Knitted yoga socks

      December always makes us long for hot cups of tea, long afternoons knitting in front of our favorite series and our daily yoga routine.   To keep your feet warm while saluting the sun, we designed this beautiful yoga sock pattern, and not only to they feel good, but you can knit […]