Pompoms, the next trend for summer

Not long before summer is here, warm days, refreshing swims in the pool, long walks on the beach… we know you like to dress in style and be the coolest one around, that’s why we’re going to tell you how to get the accessory of the summer: pompoms! This summer you are going to see […]

Learn to crochet a strap for your camera

  Now that nice weather and vacation are just around the corner it’s the perfect time to head outside with your camera around your neck and capture summer’s special moments. For today’s blog entry we are going to teach you how to crochet a pretty and practical strap for your camera!     MATERIALS To […]

How to do the bias cast off

  All knitters should update their repertoire of knitting techniques frequently. This way we can discover better ways of doing what we already do. Have you ever wondered if there was another way to cast off on the bias to create an even edge? When we cast off stitches at the beginning or end of […]

Happy Mother’s Day!

Another year and Mother’s Day has arrived, a very special day for all those superheroes who have given us everything and whom we adore with all our heart. Every year we rack our brains thinking about the perfect gift for our favorite person in the world, but it’s very difficult to be original year after […]

Connected To Your Roots

When the seasons shift to the warmer months, I find myself drawn to creating things for my home. When I walk into a room I want to feel inspired, motivated, and all of those warm feelings. Not only for myself, but for anyone who walks into that space. I love the way home decor can […]

New collection: Summer by Morgane Mathieu

Find our new summer collection. Our most special collection. Soft and perfect for the summer, the best for your favorite garments. Don’t miss the chance, its impossible to resist these creations. Check the entire collection here.

The Tape

We are pleased to introduce our latest product! The Tape is another of our exclusive fibers, but what is it? This new fiber is 100% natural, manily made from 100% cotton. These skeins are full of qualities that make them unique and will give your creations an exclusive touch. Every skein of The Tape is […]

How to fix mistakes in seed stitch

We already find out how to fix mistakes in our project, so today we want to teach you how to do it with the seed stitch. In this kind of stitch, the mistakes present a little bit of trouble because every stitch has a different direction, this means, there are stitches we need to work […]

The Solidarity Octopus

You’ve never heard of the solidarity octopus? This little octopus serves to help families whose babies have been born prematurely. This initiative, which was first started in Denmark, encourages us all to crochet these endearing animals with our favorite needle. This therapeutic octopus helps premature babies to complete their development. Their tentacles resemble the umbilical […]

How to cast off for rib stitches

Casting off is one of the most recurring subjects any knitter encounters. And the same way there is a perfect way to cast on depending on the project, there is also important to choose a type of cast off that adapts to whatever we are knitting.   It’s not the same to cast off a […]

How to work japanese short rows

  To work short rows is a basic skill every knitter should have. This technique is good for a multitude of projects and is one that is good to know by heart because of its uses. Although you already know some ways to work them, we don’t want to leave out other new ways, who […]

How to create a hem in your knitting project II

Not so long ago we taught you how to hem your knitted WAK garments and today we want to teach you a slightly different method, and so round up the lessons on hemming  knitted garments, so you can apply them wherever you want or need to! This kind of hem is ideal for top-down sweaters, […]

How to knit two color Brick Wall stitch

Today we’re going to show you how to knit this original two color pattern that looks like a brick wall. It may look complicated, but it’s actually easy for beginners, because even though you use two colors, all you need to know is how to knit and purl. Bet you weren’t expecting it to be […]

How to create a hem in your knitting project

Sometimes we don’t want the usual finish for our knitting project, that is, we’d like to do something more original than a rib or rolled edge (which happens when working stockinette stitch to the very edge of the garment). Other times, to modify the edge may be necessary to add more structure to the garment, […]

How to Knit in public

Lately I’ve been hearing everywhere a phrase that will sound familiar, for sure. The phrase is: “Not enough time!”. For a while we had the constant idea that we are very creative, but we cannot find an outlet for all our ideas. But, if we don’t have to? If we simply need to change the […]

How to knit netted stitch

The netted stitch is so easy to knit and yet so intricate looking, that any knitter worth their salt should have it memorized. You can use it for lots of projects, especially those that call for a delicate finish or for summery garments. Besides, it’s the star stitch in our Juliet Tee kit! We made […]

How to Double Knit

The knitting technique we are going to teach you today is one of the coolest you’ve ever seen in the knitting world. It’s double knitting, which creates a piece of knitting with one color on each side, and no “wrong side”. We can create motifs and work using charts, and the resulting fabric is much […]

Knitwear Is Forever ft. Ozetta

Hi! Hailey from Ozetta Knitwear here, and today I am going to share a little bit about one of my favorite knitting projects with WAK. I had the wonderful opportunity to make the Simone Cardigan during the holiday season and squeeze in some “me knitting time” while on vacation. While I am vacationing I love […]

Free pattern: Crochet mask

Make this crochet mask and wear it to all of your Carnival parties. You just need a few minutes and your favorite color of WAK wool!   MATERIALS To make your mask you will need: – A few yards of The Wool (we chose the color forest green). – a beechwood size 19 crochet hook […]