How to perfect your intarsia

  The intarsia technique is one of the most dreaded for knitters.  Making the change between skeins correctly is the most important thing when we knit intarsia because the stability of the whole project will depend on how we change colors between each section.   Although at first glance we find it quite complicated, making these […]

The Hand Painted Sprinkle Pima Cotton

At We Are Knitters we never stop innovating and thinking about you, the knitters. After the success of  our confetti colors in Meriwool, we have the privilege and honor to present you our latest product:   The Hand Painted Sprinkle Pima Cotton   This new color of cotton is dyed by hand in a totally […]

How to Make a Celtic Granny Square

Today we are going to show you a technique to make granny square very different than those we are used to seeing. It’s made using chains, single crochet, and double crochet, and is easy enough to make even if you have only a little experience with crochet. Let’s see how it’s made.   Circle 1: […]

How to Make I-cord Bind Off

  If you are looking for an original way to finish your knitwear and give a different touch to your borders, you cannot miss this technique! Use an icord bind off around the entire edge of the project to make it look unique. You’ll see that this is super easy with our tutorial and remember […]

How to knit a border with lace hearts

  Add this small border with heart motifs into your knitting projects. We will use simple yarnovers to create the shape of the heart, so in reality it is not a complicated pattern. We think that it would look perfect on the sleeves of a cotton sweater, for example… This stitch uses a multiple of […]

Summer Giveaway #FromWhereIKnit

After so many months of hard work and effort…summer is finally here! And what better way is there to start it off than a giveaway with us here at We Are Knitters? To participate, all you have to do is upload a photo knitting/crocheting something WAK onto Instagram, being sure to hashtag #FromWhereIKnit and #WeAreKnitters […]

How to make flower stitch in crochet

  This beautiful flower texture is made by chains, double crochet and slip stitch. However, despite being a combination of basic stitches, crocheting them requires some skill. This is why we recommend this project if you’re at an advanced level of crochet.   Let’s see how it’s done.     Row 1: Chain 7 and […]

Free pattern: Crochet a cotton basket

  Are you one of those people with a house overrun with yarn? Don’t know what to do with all those stacks of magazines? Today in the blog we give you the solution to your problems, teaching you to crochet this practical cotton basket.     MATERIALS To make the basket you will need –2 […]

How to make macramé fringe

We can decorate our scarves, shawls or blankets by finishing off the work with some beautiful macramé fringe, giving texture to even the simplest pieces. These flowers are created with the two most basic macramé knots. You’ll see that it’s simpler than it seems. Before you begin, make sure your work ends with an even […]

How to put beads on your knitwear

If you’ve always wondered about a simple and easy way to add beads to your knitting projects, in this post you will find the solution! There is no need to first thread the beads onto the yarn, nor to learn difficult techniques so that they are well secured right where you want them…The only difficulty […]

Knitting is for warm weather too

Many people think that knit garments are only for winter, but they couldn’t be more wrong. There are all kinds of yarn, almost as many as we have colors at We Are Knitters, made of different materials ideal for every season. For example, The Meriwool is perfect for cold days since its cuddly texture will […]

How to knit cables

  We are fascinated by cables. They add texture and volume to garments and accessories, and can be modified a thousand ways to get the result you’re looking for. They are a basic technique for any knitter, but we know the first few times can be a challenge; they look so hard to do! But […]

How to knit Caliper Cables

There a lot of different types of cable, some are simple and other more complicated. But the one we want to teach you today is really easy to knit, but offers spectacular results for your knitted garments. You can use this cable into most of our knitting kits to add a special touch and personalize […]

How to knit lace leaf stitch

Lacy patterns are perfect to use to make light and sheer garments, like summery t-shirts and accessories. If you’re looking for a lacy pattern that’s also unique, make sure to try this lace leaf stitch that we bring to you today. If you look closely you can see how the pattern forms small leaves that […]

How to do the provisional cast on with two needles

When we begin a new project we usually start by casting stitches onto one of our needles, that’s fine, but sometimes it doesn’t work for all projects. When we cast on in the traditional way a type of seam is formed at the beginning that sometimes makes it difficult to join to another piece of […]

Rosa Copado for We Are Knitters

1.Your work is full of energy and depth, you create a certain closeness between the picture and the spectators, transporting them to the place where the picture is made. What were your influences to reach this point in your career? I think photography is a kind of extension of the thoughts and the interior world […]

New Collection: The Tape

Discover the new collection. The Tape is the new sensation. You’ll love our new kits and their soft and comfortable designs. Enjoy all the kits here:    

Pompoms, the next trend for summer

Not long before summer is here, warm days, refreshing swims in the pool, long walks on the beach… we know you like to dress in style and be the coolest one around, that’s why we’re going to tell you how to get the accessory of the summer: pompoms! This summer you are going to see […]

Learn to crochet a strap for your camera

  Now that nice weather and vacation are just around the corner it’s the perfect time to head outside with your camera around your neck and capture summer’s special moments. For today’s blog entry we are going to teach you how to crochet a pretty and practical strap for your camera!     MATERIALS To […]

How to do the bias cast off

  All knitters should update their repertoire of knitting techniques frequently. This way we can discover better ways of doing what we already do. Have you ever wondered if there was another way to cast off on the bias to create an even edge? When we cast off stitches at the beginning or end of […]